Refrigerated Warehouses

Walk-in to custom

With its low cost modular construction, unsurpassed service and a tradition of excellence in design and manufacturing, Kolpak has become the leader in walk-in refrigerated warehouses.  Your product or application may be unlike anyone else's, and Kolpak understands that. Your project will be handled by an experienced Kolpak Warehouse Refrigeration Specialist. This individual is attuned to local codes and geographical conditions that may have an impact on your project.  We have access to hundreds of refrigeration specialists and service technicians nationwide. Our people have the experience to analyze your needs, then design, build, install and service a structure that delivers the rugged performance you want with a heritage of excellence from the combined resources with a tradition of excellence in highest quality construction and reliability.

Applications include:

  • Biological Clean Rooms
  • Ice Production
  • Frozen Food Storage
  • Perishable Goods
  • Morgues
  • Production/Processing
  • Environmental Control
  • Blast Freezer
  • Testing Labs
  • Chemical Storage



  • Posi-Loc

    A panel locking system that makes a tight, reliable thermal seal, yet is easy to unlock, adjust or add panels and re-lock. All locking assemblies are foamed-in-place and metal straps may be run through the panel to connect the hook and pin assemblies.


    Sturdy door construction which includes a patented fiberglass reinforced plastic door jam on all personal doors, that won't rust, dent, or twist out of shape; Single horizontal sliding doors up to 8' X 8'. These doors are manually operated and match the finish of your cooler/freezer panels.

    Refrigeration Specialists

    The Kolpak Warehouse Refrigeration Specialist will help you choose the proper doors for the applications required for your project.

    Posi-Loc Panel Fastener

    Permanently foamed-in-place for fast, perfect alignment of sections. Access holes are covered by snap-on plug buttons for a neater appearance and greater sanitation.


    Local knowledge and national support - combining the benefits of a hometown representative who knows the local codes, soil conditions and geography and Kolpak's national service support team.

    Door Sections

    Kolpak offers an extensive variety of door sections, including electrical, manual, single-sliding, bi-part, vertical, and overhead doors.

    Gasketed Tongue and Groove Panels

    Gasketed tongue and groove panels with 4 urethane insulation UL flame spread rating of 25 or less with FM approval for Class I Building Construction Tongue sides of panels are provided with double PVC gaskets foamed-in-place to eliminate time-consuming caulking between panels.

    Modular Construction

    A modular construction system is one of the key Kolpak benefits, providing custom design and building of structures that are low cost, easy to maintain and easy to modify or expand.

    Construction Type

    Suspended, steel structure, or pallet racking
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    Refrigerated Warehouses

    Refrigerated Warehouses
    Walk-in to custom

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