Door Accessories

for Walk-in Coolers/Freezers

Kolpak offers a variety of door accessories for your walk-in cooler or freezer.
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  • Modularm 75LC
  • 1910 Motion Sensor
  • 1967 Digital Thermometer & Switch
  • 2”, 4.5”, or 6” Dial Thermometers
  • 3-Way Switches
    • Allow operation of interior lights from two separate entrance doors; Exterior mounted on the door sections, they feature pilot lights that are illuminated when the interior lights are on.
  • Dead Bolt Lock
    • Assembly consists of a Kason dead bolt as the standard lock; The dead bolt is thrown or retracted by a key from the outside or a thumb-turn on the interior.
  • Door Section light with safety night light
  • Dual 3-Way Switches
    • Two switches on each entrance door; The exterior switch has a pilot light that illuminates when the interior lights are on and the interior switch has a constantly burning pilot light, which is used for locating the switch in the event interior lights are turned off from the outside.
  • Energy Efficient Hardware
    • In addition to being spring loaded, adjustable hinges allow for field adjustability to ensure a tight seal. Door Closers available with spring actuator or hydraulic actuator. Handles and latches available for locking or non-locking and are Padlockable. Kolpak’s hardware is offered in a variety of finishes to fit your walk-in cooler and freezer needs.
  • Foot Treadle
    • Allows for hands free door opening; Flush mount only.
  • International Door Closer
    • For large walk-in door; Surface mounted
  • Locking Bar
    • Used to provide added protection against theft; Bar fits across entire door and is secured on both ends with padlocks or combination locks (not provided); Inside safety release is provided; Field mounting required in some instances, consult factory.
  • Strip Curtain
    • Clear, thermoplastic strip curtain is installed in the door opening, saving energy by reducing the loss of refrigerated air when the door is open, and withstanding operating extremes of -20ºF to +160ºF.
  • Strip Door
    • Two-piece curtain installed in the door opening saving energy by reducing the loss of refrigerated air when door is open.
  • Viewports
  • Weatherproof Switch Cover
    • Provides added protection where exposed to damage; Cover protects against moisture, dust and other contaminants; Weatherproof gasket seals cover edges.
  • Weiss AlarmPak,

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