Kolpak Refrigeration Systems

Walk-in cooler and freezer refrigeration condensing systems

The New Thinking of More and Less
Kolpak's refrigeration design has more condenser surface and less clutter inside to maximize airflow across the condenser, yet the hinged weather housing and footprint are exactly the same size as before. The increased condensing capacity means that the system works more efficiently and operates without fail in the most extreme temperatures.

Some competitive refrigeration systems break down or "kick out" when ambient temperature reaches 105°. Ours continues to perform when temperatures reach 120°. The system also has an oversized fan blade powered by a PSC motor - a true electric motor - that moves air more efficiently. All Kolpak remote units include ArcticFox Temperature Controls.

Simple. And Smart.
At first glance, Kolpak's new Refrigeration System is a study in simplicity. You'll notice the absence of capillary tubes winding through the system. They have been replaced by high-accuracy pressure switches to eliminate possible leakage points. Brazed joints also replace mechanical fittings to further reduce the possibility of leakage. Plus, with so much open space in the system, every single component from the electrical box to the condenser is easy to access for adjustment or service. Best of all, there is no additional cost for the new refrigeration system and it's built so smart, you'll even save energy costs to run it.

Kolpak Refrigeration Systems is a leader in the manufacture of refrigeration units. Our refrigeration system is available for most walk-in cooler and freezer applications. It comes standard on new Kolpak walk-ins and can also be upgraded on your existing refrigeration system quickly and easily. Available with hermetic or scroll compressors – Air- or Water-Cooled for many applications.

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  • Condenser
    • 51% more condenser to ensure efficient performance at high ambient temperatures
  • Air Flow
    • Larger fan blade to increase air flow across the condenser by 55%
  • Pressure Switches
    • Line mounted pressure switches replace capillary tubes for higher accuracy
  • Motor
    • Energy efficient PSC motors
  • Serviceability
    • Ease of service with all components conveniently arranged on a heavy duty base; Electrical box is easily accessible so installation and service is simple
  • Receiver Tank
    • Oversized receiver tank large enough for added pump down capacity

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